Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chicago (184/365)

Chicago - Lucy Wainwright Roche: Chicago will always remind me of picking plump succulent mountain blueberries with Libby. Discovering ones that tasted just like a Louie-Bloo Raspberry® Otter Pop made for our favorite part. Cullen summed it up best, "I could listen to her sing 24/7 and never be bored."

Flying home Friday
over the buildings and
I did it my way,
leaking from some one else's ears
cut him some slack
look out the window
you're not coming back

Isn't it funny?
Isn't it something?
Isn't simple after all?
Goodnight Chicago,
you have sky's as red as any summer.
Goodnight Chicago
you are mine,
Goodnight Chicago,
you have eyes as bright as any child's.
Goodnight Chicago
you are mine

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