Friday, May 30, 2008

Stratford-On-Guy (178/365)

Coffey Hall (and the surrounding Coffey Grounds)

Stratford-On-Guy - Liz Phair: Mundelein College, back in the day was an unique institution (now part of Loyola). My dorm room was the last room east with Lake Michigan as my next-door neighbor. In all the days I lived there, it never looked the same; always changing, always beautiful.

I was flying into Chicago at night
Watching the lake turn the sky into blue-green smoke


cathyj said...

Dude, I loved your dorm! So many memories of wandering around the city then back to cofey hall. Every night some car crashed into the guard rail at the curve. yeah.

Dancing Otter said...

OMG it was a Friday sport for me and Mary. We'd buy a six pack of beer and just sit and wait and watch the crashes. Once this guy got his car caught on the guard rail (smack dap in the middle) and he attempted to pry it off with his tire jack.

My first weekend there a family rolled their van and hit a tree. At first it was so alarming but after about a week I got use to the daily crashing.