Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Love and Gasoline (174/365)

Love and Gasoline - Donna The Buffalo: Last year in Chicago to visit the family, Hayden and I spied this on a Dummer, aka Hummer and we nearly fell out laughing over the owner's license plate poetry. "How I wonder as I wander" what it must co$t to "Fil Er Up" now.

Click to listen to 30 second clip of Love and Gasoline

Long road we're laying it down
Step into the picture at the edge of town
And wide, wide as can be
Each and every day a bit of destiny

Lay down here by your side
White stars are passing in the middle of the night
Cool hands moving us along
Wise in the moment, Settled in the dawn

I'm not,
I'm not living for a simple dream
I'm still livin' on love and gasoline

Warm winds blowing through the trees
Time and revelation whistling 'round my knees
Same wind of a freeing kind
Sentimental journey coming into mind

Sunrise and the whole world sees
All that lays before is made for you and me
Real Love makes the world dance
Universal language stands a fighting chance

How I wonder as I wander
Where the answers lie
Chasing my thoughts
I hear thunder race across the sky


Bridgett said...

I do not feel sorry for those people! There was a FARK photoshop thing one time for a bad advertisement, and one had a picture of a hummer and the caption, "Because the earth still has a little oil left."

Dancing Otter said...

That's funny in a sad selfish way.

Just read an article today on how people are stealing cooking oil to run their cars.