Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jet Airliner (162/365)

Jet Airliner - Steve Miller Band: At the car dealership getting work done on Dale, my almost one year old Mustang GT. SMB comes over the speakers playing this song and I want to jam-out, but I'm in public. Instead, I decide to get nitrogen in my tires, like a "big ol' jet airliner".

Leavin' home, out on the road
I've been down before
Ridin' along in this big ol' jet plane
I've been thinkin' about my home
But my love light seems so far away
And I feel like it's all been done
Somebody's tryin' to make me stay
You know I've got to be movin' on

Oh, Oh big ol' jet airliner
Don't carry me too far away
Oh, Oh big ol' jet airliner
Cause it's here that I've got to stay


Bridgett said...

Ah, Steve Miller. College all over again.

LisaS said...

college? I was thinking first grade .... I loved that song!

How is the nitrogen working, anyway? I ponder doing that from time to time ...

Dancing Otter said...

I was in H.S. when this song was popular. Guess that makes me old.

The nitrogen is working out great. My gas mileage has improved a bit, but I'm only talking about a gallon or so. Supposedly its better for wear and tear on the tires. But the main reason I did it is 'cause I'm not really good about checking my psi on a regular basis and nitrogen doesn't fluctuate with temp changes like air does.