Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beyond The Sea (165/365)

Beyond The Sea - Bobby Darin: My parents weren't fond of "all that wild rock and roll music" streaming from their children's rooms. At Sunday dinners in the dining room, my mom insisted on Formal, which almost always include some Bobby Darin. Happy memories. Thanks mom for teaching me proper etiquette.

Warning his lips aren't in sync with this recording...

Somewhere beyond the sea
      Somewhere waitin’ for me
      My lover stands on golden sands
      And watches the ships that go sailin’.
      Somewhere beyond the sea
      She's there watchin’ for me
      If I could fly like birds on high
      Then straight to her arms I’d go sailin’.
      It's far beyond the stars
      It's near beyond the moon
      I know beyond a doubt
      My heart will lead me there soon.

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