Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chet Baker (158/365)

Chet Baker - Randall Bramblett Band: First time I heard this song, RBB was playing it live in front of my eyes. It was so cool that I ran out and bought their Thin Places CD during intermission. It was Hayden's first rock concert, but I'm not sure he got it.

Chet Baker walked out of a window
left a trail of blue notes hanging in the air so sweet
and a checkered suit lying on a foreign street


cathyj said...

I'm planting flowers in the cold black dirt... now thats a positive hopeful thought. Even something that looks dead can give life to beauty.

Anonymous said...

Where did you see the Randall Bramblett Band?

Dancing Otter said...

Saw him in Charlotte 3 yrs ago, he opened for Bonnie Riatt. Two wonderful shows!

Scott said...

Randall is one seriously gifted
songwriter and the band smokes !
Just saw them in Anderson SC..
they are starting to play out again in support of a new album coming out this summer...