Thursday, April 24, 2008

Alpha Male and the Canine Mystery Blood (152/365)

"The iPod? You don't walk into a cake shop and stick your finger in the middle of a cake and take a piece out. It's bad manners."
- Elvis Costello

Alpha Male and the Canine Mystery Blood - Tommy Womack: I miss those days when friends used to make me mixed-tapes. If Tom were making a tape for me today, he would probably tuck Alpha Male in between something by Neko Case and a slightly obscure Elvis Costello tune, no offense Elvis, but mixed-tapes rock.

"I bet their name was Menstrual Blood, and the A&R guy said, ‘That’s no good. Make it Mystery, and we can target a broader-based, goth, dog-lover market.”
- Tommy Womack


Bridgett said...

I miss mixed tapes too.

Dancing Otter said...

Here's a look inside Tommy's brain...

"I was at a party where dogs and mating habits were being talked about. Very often my songs start being written with the first line that I get, and somehow i heard a snippet of conversation about an "alpha male and the canine menstual blood," and I said, "That would be a good band name." An hour later, I went to see a friend's band. I had a lot on my mind, my whole life basically, and my brain wasn't leaving me alone. I don't drink and didn't feel sociable, so I sat at the bar and asked the bartender for two two foot-long strips of blank cash register ribbon. I pulled a pen out of my pocket, and within twenty or thirty minutes I had filled all four sides of the ribbon in tiny script. Like you said, it was all a mad rush. It came like a roaring river to me. I was just taking dictation from somewhere inside myself where I was real scared of everybody and everything." - Tommy Womack

Anonymous said...

I just saw Tommy in concert. What an awesome and honest songwriter.