Thursday, June 7, 2007

Rockin' Horse (124/365)

Rockin' Horse - Donna The Buffalo: Do you like blue grass-zydeco? Never heard of it? Either way, I highly recommend this disc. All the songs are excellent, but this tune maybe my favorite because it is happy and fun. The lyrics mixed with Jeb Puryear 's gravelly voice* make it so satisfying.

All the radiators sing
Things are being realized
Won't you step on over here
Something's perfecting in your eyes
Hope to find that you would be so inclined
As to allow me the honor dear of loving you
Let's shrink the world down to just us two

*"Puryear's voice is classic country: it hints at Gram Parsons and lends a timeless, easy grace to every tracks he sings." - Imre Szeman of Popmatters

Click here to learn more @ Donna The Buffalo Web Site


Helen said...

I have heard of zydeco; there's a local band (well, not quite local, they're based in Ottawa) called Zydecosis, and they're so much fun to listen to.

Bridgett said...

Lisa--I'm up and running. I'll put your blogroll on my site if you send me the stuff!