Monday, June 4, 2007

Jesus, etc... (121/365)

Jesus, etc. - Wilco: When I pay close attention, I see all the Synchronicity floating around. I never listened to this disc until this Spring. A week after I heard Jesus, Etc..., E made this post. Looking deeper, I discover this song itself is full of synchronicity and interpretation.*

don't cry
you can rely on me honey
you can come by
anytime you want

*From Wikipedia...
Perceived September 11 connections:
Though Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was recorded entirely before the September 11, 2001 attacks, and that was in fact the original release date for the album, many have noted perceived references in the album to the attacks. Among the examples cited are:
- The album cover image of Marina City, resembling the twin towers of the World Trade Center.
- In the song "Jesus, etc.", the lyrics "Tall buildings shake/ voices escape, singing sad, sad songs" and "Skyscrapers are scraping together/ Your voice is smoking."
- The title of the song "War on War", and its lyrics, "Moving forward through flaming doors/ you have to lose/ you have to learn how to die/ if you want to, want to be alive."
- The title of the song "Ashes of American Flags", and the lyrics "I would like to salute/ the ashes of American flags."

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