Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thunderbird (89/365)

Thunderbird - John Hiatt: Never been in a Thunderbird, but I've been in a 1948 DeSoto. The first time I heard Thunderbird I wanted to "cut across town" in one. A woman that lives somewhere nearby drives a turquoise T-bird and I wonder if she's ever heard Hiatt's song.

We're from Pennsylvania
Welsh men of words
My daddy drove a Desoto
I drive a Thunderbird

My Thunderbird, my Thunderbird
She's the voice of the future
Baby, have you heard
Tomorrow's taken wing on my Thunderbird

My Thunderbird, my Thunderbird
Put your head on my shoulder
Don't say a word
We'll cut across town in my Thunderbird

Got electric windows
Tilt away wheel
Slide across the bucket seat
For that sexy leather feel of

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