Sunday, May 27, 2007

Take It Down (113/365)

Take It Down - Patty Griffin and/or John Hiatt: Heritage or hate? Hmmm... This song is Hiatt's reaction to South Carolina's stubborn love for their rebel flag. The first thing I learned moving south eleven years ago? The Civil War is not over yet! Griffin's cover is so tenderly delivered, but love Hiatt's too.

Take everything that we've had
Take it and burn it to the ground
Some things were never meant to last
Take it down down down
Take it down

I'm still married to it all
That ain't no place to hang around
My love is fifty feet tall
Take it down down down
Take it down

And I've grown accustomed to the way
You hurled us into space
I'll never make that trip
Tears all rusted on my face
I'm just an empty place
Where your love used to fit

South Carolina, where are you?
You were once lost, now are found
The war is over, the battle's through
Take it down down down
Take it down

John HiattTake It Down

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