Saturday, May 12, 2007

Strange Apparition (98/365)

Strange Apparition - Beck: I used to think: Beck? Beck who? You mean Jeff Beck? Then I heard, Think I'm In Love, and I thought I was going to puke. What an annoying song!!! Afterwards, I discovered he was Beck Hansen. Double puke.
But, this is a lovely doppelgänger (Gregg Allman).

Strange apparition
Haunting my brain
Standing on the last legs
Of a dream that walked away

When the Lord rings my front door
And asks me what I got to show
Besides the dust in my pockets
And the things that just eat away my soul

1 comment:

Arthur said...

I hear you about puking when hearing Beck, but he actually has made one fantastic album. It's called Sea Change, and it is nothing like his other work. Amazing songwriting, folk /country-like songs, even string arrangements by his dad are included.

Check out his song The Golden Age (can be found on youtube) for an example...