Thursday, April 5, 2007

Welcome To The Boomtown (61/365)

Welcome To The Boomtown - David and David: In 1986, bought this LP and really liked it. In 1996, I moved from Chicago to North Carolina. Whenever I go home I always listen to WXRT and every time I'm home, Boomtown comes on the radio. EVERY TIME! What this means, I'm not sure.


Helen said...

They're playing the same music track over and over, and just pretending there's a live person there?

Anonymous said...

Far from pretending a live person is in the studio. WXRT is one of the most progressive radio stations out there and isn't beholden to formulas.

I would think it's a coinicendence .

Otter said...

XRT is totally weird like that. I can't tell you how many times they play a song that someone perfectly ties into my life at that moment: breaking up with a girlfriend, they play that song that she had in her head that one day; a friend's mother dies, they play "Turn, Turn, Turn" after you hear it at church during the funeral. It's like their in our collective head.