Monday, April 30, 2007

The Streak (86/365)

My Favorite Corny Songs- The Mini Series

The Streak - Ray Stevens (1974): I think it was this song that I first became aware of radio station playlists. I was still listening to AM Top 40 at the time. WLS played this like the number one song it was for three weeks in May. WXRT never touched it.


Indigo Bunting said...

Boy, there sure were some silly songs in our time, weren't there? What a trip down memory lane this. And I was listening to AM top 40 then too!

Helen said...

Ah, great fun!

Cedar Waxwing said...

I remember this song. I, too, was listening to WLS at the time. I was at the bowling alley when a pair of streakers went by. Our high school had a few streakers for a while too.