Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Bag (60/365)

My Bag - Lloyd Cole: Lord have mercy, this is possibly the coolest pop song ever! Lloyd's voice (plus looks) put me under a serious spell. Spinning this disc, I smile and get dancing. Thankful for Dave and all the cool music he's turned me on to through the years.

Spin spin whisky and gin I suffer for my art
Bartender I got wild mushrooms growing in my yard
Fix me a quart of petrol clams on the half shell
Feels like prohibition baby give me the hard sell
More give me more give me more more more
I'm your yes man yes ma'am I'm your yes man
Lord have mercy...


Helen said...

Yes, his voice is nice (although his looks don't seem to be putting me under any sort of spell:)).

On a totally unrelated note, how do you get Youtube videos into your posts?

lolololo said...

On Youtube's site near the top right side, click "embeded" (pls. note some owners disable this feature so you can't post their video on your site), right click, select all and copy the code, then under "edit html" section of blogger right click and paste (won't work if your in "compose" mode)Once you drop the code in save your work. You can make sure it works by checking Preview. I think there is a glitch with the program though cause sometimes Youtube turns off my comment feature.
Hope this makes sense.

Helen said...

Thanks, I will try this with my next post...

Indigo Bunting said...

Yes, I tried to comment early on this one and was deNIED. Cool song.