Monday, March 12, 2007

Teenage Heaven (37/365)

Teenage Heaven - The Pace (Circa 1980): At 17, an older boy (he was "22") fell in love with me. He worked at Record City in Skokie where I $pent lots of time. We went to a concert together. He wrote and his band recorded T.H., which I still have on tape.

Somehow she did it
just when I thought I could never go back again
that's when she took me
took me by the hand to a long forgotten land
I looked around, I looked at her
then I looked to myself
and she's right right now and there's nobody else
voice inside cries out
I wanna' go, I wanna' stay
teenage heaven, teenage heaven
ah let me in
I wanna' stay
teenage heaven, teenage heaven
heaven knows I pray I chose to go
then it all came back
every other thing was so magic and new
then when I held her
I remembered shivers I forgot I ever knew
she turned and she smiled and she blew me away
I was a kid, now a child
didn't know what to say
but I knew what to think
I wanna ' go, wanna' stay
teenage heaven teenage heaven
ah let me in,
I wanna' stay
teenage heaven, teenage heaven
heaven knows I pray I chose to go
teenage heaven, teenage heaven



lolololo said...

I had to "sneak out" to go to the concert with him since he was a lot older than me. The Pace (the band he was in) was a kind of punk rock sound with lots of wild screaming guitar licks. There were a few more lines to the song but I couldn't make out what the heck they were singing.

Helen said...

Are you the "she" in the song?

lolololo said...

Well Steve was I?

Otter said...

This is cute, listening to my sister's ex's album is weird. That's mostly because it's my sister (and I wasn't born when the Pace wrote this song which some how makes it more cute).

mm said...

What a sweet memory to have on tape.

lolololo said...

It is very sweet. And it still touches me after all these years. Very special. So thanks Saturday June you rock!