Sunday, March 11, 2007

Southland In The Springtime (36/365)

Southland In The Springtime-Indigo Girls: I was moving to the South and although it was Autumn, Paul made me a mixed tape and included this song. Today is a beautiful Spring day, the peach trees in the yard are in full bloom. It's as the song says, "none more pleasin".

When God made me born a Yankee he was teasin
There’s no place like home and none more pleasin
Than the Southland in the springtime

In Georgia nights are softer than a whisper
Beneath a quilt somebody’s mother made by hand
With the farmland like a tapestry
Passed down through generations
And the peach trees stitched across the land
There’ll be cider up near Helen off the roadside
And boiled peanuts in a bag to warm your fingers
And the smoke from the chimneys meets its maker in the sky
With a song that winter wrote whose melody lingers


Indigo Bunting said...

Nice. You have spring, eh? I'm looking forward to that...

mm said...

I was feeling very spring-like yesterday. Then I read this post and suddenly felt like I was still in the grip of winter. You have peach-blossoms? Fantastic.

lolololo said...

Yes and coming from Chicago (were the snow is now gray and tired) I feel a bit of "Pinch me, I'm not dreaming" syndrome.
P.S. Not to make anyone jealous...but I've already planted my tomatoes and basil (in pots in case of a late freeze)

Helen said...

I would kill for a peach tree. Can you grow avocados there too?