Monday, March 19, 2007

Policeman's Xmas Party (44/365)

Policeman's Xmas Party - Five For Fighting: John Ondrasik said,"To write Leonard Cohen's worst verse would be a lifetime achievement." This is one funky number and because it isn't one of F3's big hits, the video is "no-tech". The lyrics leave a hilarious shroud of mystery. Anyone up for a dance-a-thon?

I got some new friends down at West Valley PD
You can change the channel, but I'm all that's on TV
The only good news is that he's going to be o.k.
Got a bomb in my stomach but I'm dreaming that one day

I'll be going to a Policeman's Xmas party
Have a couple beers get funky on the dance floor
Going to a Policeman's Xmas party
Gonna have a good time for the rest of my life...

Four weeks later it's still Raining in the Park
Marine with a gun guards my house now after dark
I look for clues like I'm Inspector Clouseau
You can have my money honey I just want to go


Anonymous said...

I just love this song!Where did you find it?

lolololo said...

Hello Daughter,
It is in our CD collection under "Five For Fighting".
You are so cute!
I heard you playing this over and over while I was making dinner tonight. That's how I know it is you leaving anonymous comments on my blog.
Love, Mom

Indigo Bunting said...

Fun song. I've never heard it before!

Helen said...

Me either (neither?). I like it. I'm not sure if the accompanying video actually qualifies as a "video" though; more like a contemporary still life.