Friday, March 16, 2007

Let It Be (41/365)

Let It Be - The Beatles: I have tons of Beatles memories before this one*, but...Glenn, a huge Beatles fan, liked to listen to music and watch the Sox at the same time. It drove me crazy and was the main reason I had to break it off with him.

*This was the first Beatles LP I bought on vinyl.


Helen said...

Did he have the volume on the television turned up while he was listening to the music? If so, I don't blame you in the least.

lolololo said...

It drove me stark raving mad.
He had both turned up pretty loud.

Mali said...

Damn! I haven't heard that for ages, and so turned up the volume and sang! Great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon - I'm going surfing for more Beatles stuff.

B Kiddo said...

I have to admit that I am one of the few people who can count on one hand the number of Beatles songs I actually like. This is one of them. It always makes me a little melancholy. Great Song! I would have to let the guy go just for being a Red Sox Fan! ;-)

lolololo said...

That would be The White Sox.

Other wise I'd say RED Soxs.