Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Amie (32/365)

Amie - Pure Prairie League: Senior year of high school the vote went out for the Class of 1980's Prom Song. This was a huge deal! A defining moment in our young lives. This song would become our legacy. Thankfully, I was in Chicago and could vote early and often.

The RDHS 1980 Prom Song Ballot:
  1. I Just Fall In Love Again - Anne Murray
  2. Can't Smile Without You - Barry Manilow
  3. Do You Believe In Magic? - Shaun Cassidy
  4. Amie - Pure Prairie League
I can see why you think you belong to me
I never tried to make you think or make you see one thing for yourself
But now your off with someone else and I'm alone
You see I thought that I might keep you for my own

Amie, what you wanna do
I think I could stay with you
For a while maybe longer if I do


Indigo Bunting said...

So did "Amie" win? Oh, I'm biting my nails!

You got me with your Chicago comment.

I could not have come up with who did this song, even though I know it.

Otter said...

Thank goodness Manilow didn't win. That was close. Never heard this one... or at least don't think I did.

Helen said...

And the winner is...?

What about Paul Anka's Having my Baby? When was that all the rage?

mm said...

Please tell us! The suspense is killing me. (There's potential for some real tragedy here, depending on what was picked.)

Susan said...

Another moment of enlightenment! All this time I thought the line was For a while maybe longer if I could. I would have voted for it anyway.

lolololo said...

Helen, At a Catholic H.S. Paul Anka's song would have been pretty darn funny, especially since on the very night of our prom the Valedictorian was impregnated.

The winner? Why Amie of course! If any of those other dogmeat songs had won many of us would have boycotted the prom.

Helen said...

Oh, how perfectly ironic!

lolololo said...

Yep very...Preston

cathyj said...

OMG. How did you remember this list? And yes, Ginny did get knocked up that night didn't she? I laugh out loud. Well, I know that they have had a pretty good life.