Thursday, February 15, 2007

Watch Your Step (12/365)

Watch Your Step - Elvis Costello: This song is short (2:57) so I often find myself listening to it several times just to feel full. It's a bad habit; replaying and replaying one song ad nauseam. But to my ears it feels right. These lyrics, tumbling out of Elvis are delicious...

When you’re kicking in the cot room
And you’re drinking down the eau de cologne
And you’re spitting out the Kodachrome


Maureen said...

I'm a big fan of repetition, too. I'll have to go listen to this song.

Bridgett said...

Constantly have that CD player on repeat. It drives people around me crazy.

Susan said...

I'd heard about Elvis Costello from a lot of music people, but I didn't actually hear any of his songs until he married Diana. I'll have to get out "The Girl in the Other Room" and find out which ones he wrote solo.

Love the quote on your blog!

Deloney said...

Here's a cool site for free listening to real old stuff: