Sunday, February 11, 2007

Love Like Blood (8/365)

Love Like Blood - John Hiatt: Riding With The King was my first Hiatt CD . Track #9. I can't think of a better love song. Not to mention the musicians that helped make it happen; Paul Carrack, Nick Lowe and Hiatt. Described as a visceral soul ballad. It gets played often.

Now I could do a million things
Just to prove that I'm a man
But there's only one woman
Who holds my life in her hands
Your love is like blood to me
Your love it's just like blood to me


Indigo Bunting said...

Nice. I still don't have a first John Hiatt CD.

lolololo said...

I.B. I would be willing to fix that for you. He's my favorite! Well him and Dylan and Clapton and and and...

See that's why I needed to do this blog.

BTW B.K. is joining us!!!